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Foodgrade Beeswax and Coconut Oil
(also available in Transparent Doff Coating, only by request)

Size Specification

- length : 14 cm
- width : 8cm
- height : 2cm


110 gr

Care Instructions

1. Never put them in the dishwasher.
2. Don't let them soak overnight.
3. Hand-wash with water and dish soap right after using.
4. Always wipe-off the excess moisture after washing.
5. Let them thoroughly air-dry before storing
6. Routinely treat with beeswax or oils.

A soap dish perfect for one soap bar. Made with Sapodilla Wood.

the name GETA comes from traditional Japanese footwear called GETA.
下駄 (GETA) are traditional Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops. A kind of sandal, geta have a flat wooden base elevated with up to three (though commonly two) "teeth", held on the foot with a fabric thong, which keeps the foot raised above the ground.

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