About Us

Our story began in Bali, 2017

As for today we are still a family-run company. 

We love all things minimalist, simplicity and meticulous details. But not forgetting that we are also wild for anime, manga and games! (yes we play video games on our lunch break together with all the staff). we are very serious when it comes to business but at the same time an otaku for life.

Meet the founders

Kevin and Theresia are both Indonesian. They met in Japan on 2016 when they attended the same Japanese Language School. When they found out that they have a common goal in life, they decide to build a business together in Indonesia, so they comeback on early 2017.

Our love to bakery

When we got back to Indonesia, we had no idea on what kind of business to start. After a long thinking and discussion, we finally decided "let's sell cakes! a pretty and tasty one like in Japan." So we started our journey as a baker with zero experience and knowledge.

We started selling a very simple cake like Kue Kukus, and tried to expand our recipes from there. Turned out all those pretty cakes are very difficult to make (well... obviously....). But we haven't give up our dream of making pretty and delicious cakes.

After countless trials and errors, we finally able to make our very first chocolate brownies. Not really a "pretty" cake as it looks very simple, but we are very confident about the taste. This is our first Christmas Cake hampers. And thanks to the chocolate brownies, we found KIYA.

 Unexpected turn to woodenwares

To be able to sell the chocolate brownies better, we need a good product photos. So we started looking around for photo props. Fancy papers, flowers and wooden spoon. We want to recreate the Japanese look that inspired our cake.
However, when we shared the photos to our close-friend and family, they commented on the props. They said the wooden utensils are very unique and it is hard to get them anywhere back then. That gave us an idea to sell the wooden props, instead of the cake (sorry cake!).

And, That's it!

We started looking for carpenters all over Bali and Java, and until now we have cooperate with more than 6 carpenters.