Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?

you can directly contact us via email or whatsapp to place an order!

our email address:
our whatsapp number:

What kind of payment did you accept?

for now, we accept:
1. Direct transfer to our Indonesia Bank Account.
2. Payment via Wise (
3. Payment via Payoneer (

When will my orders get shipped after payment?

Its actually depends on 2 conditions:

  1. All the items in your orders are in stock
    if the items are in stock, we will send your order 2 days after payment. (the listed time are needed for packing your orders)

  2. The items in your orders are not in stock
    if the items are not in stock and you decided to Pre-Order, usually it will takes around 2~3 weeks for us to produce and pack your order.

a good business depends on good communication! you don't need to worry about your pre-order, we will update the progress and when its time to ship your order we will re-confirm to you.

How long will Shipping take?

You can check time estimation when choosing your shipping service.
we will inform about shipping after we done packing your orders (including shipping price, etc)

**Please understand that with the current global crisis, shipment times may be longer than usual**

How to care my woodenwares?

there are several tips from us that you need to take attention when its time to care your woodenware.

1. Never put them in the dishwasher!
2. Don't let them soak overnight.
3. Hand-wash with water and dish soap right after using.
4. Always wipe-off the excess moisture after washing.
5. Let them thoroughly air-dry before storing
6. Routinely treat with beeswax or oils.

Can I use the woodenwares in the Oven or Microwave?

No. Sudden high heat will make your woodenwares cracks.

What kind of finishing / coating that KIYAKAYU use?

All of our products were finished with Beeswax + Coconut Oil. It is save for direct touch with food.

What should I do when the items are not well received? (broken, chipped, etc)

Feel free to contact us about this problem. Please make sure that you also took a photo of it.

if you placing an order via email or whatsapp, usually we will replace the broken products with a new one (shipping fee are charged to customer).

if you placing an order via our local marketplace (shopee/tokopedia), we can solve this problem directly in it. Usually you will need to request for "Pengembalian Barang dan Dana".