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Foodgrade Beeswax and Coconut Oil

Size Specification

- length : 24 cm


20 gr

Care Instructions

1. Never put them in the dishwasher.
2. Don't let them soak overnight.
3. Hand-wash with water and dish soap right after using.
4. Always wipe-off the excess moisture after washing.
5. Let them thoroughly air-dry before storing
6. Routinely treat with beeswax or oils.

As a tropical island, Bali were well known with its coconut.

We love our coconut, and we do not waste any part of it! We can drink the young coconut and then use the husk as cleaning brush. after finish drinking the refreshing young coconut, we can sun dry the coconut shell and make a coconut charcoal out of it! 

The coconut leaf also used as a wrapper for our national dish called Ketupat. The leaf steam usually made into skewers to make another delicious meal called Sate.

And last part, the trunk (the coconut timber) used to made a lot of handicraft like this chopstick.

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